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Be the One!

In Jeremiah 5:1 God issues a very important challenge to the prophet Jeremiah. You see, God is planning to punish Israel for turning their back on him. God tells Jeremiah to go through all areas of Jerusalem and see if he can find one man who does just and is righteous. If Jeremiah can find just one, then God will spare them. There were none to be found and Jerusalem was taken captive once again because of their cycle of abandoning God.

What stood out to me in this scripture wasn't the fact that God was going to punish Jerusalem for turning away from him, but that God was willing to change his mind if just one person could be found to be righteous. It would have only taken one person to save Jerusalem from being overtaken and placed into slavery again. If only one man had stood up for God and for truth there would have been a completely different outcome.

Two thousand years ago one man did just that. One man stood for truth in order to change the world forever. Jesus stood up to be that one. He spoke the truth even though it cost him his life. He did it because he knew the world needed it. Yes, there were and still are people who reject him, but he would have done it even if there were only one who would believe and accept him. Jesus stood up and became "The One." Not only did Jesus stand up to be the one, but his disciples and the apostles who followed after him. Each one had their own gifts and through the Holy Spirit was given the ability and strength to stand up and be "The One." Each one made a difference and advanced Truth in order to have an impact on the world.

We are all blessed with gifts and abilities to work in a way that can impact the world around us. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can continue the work that Jesus started and advance the truth and the gates of Hell will not be able to stop it. But we must continue this mission in Truth & Righteousness.

There are major consequences for turning away from God and compromising our faith. But we can learn from this is example in Jeremiah & the life of Christ that one faithful and upright person can make a difference. Will you "Be the One?"

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